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Pocket Watches vs Wrist Watches

Are you in the market for a new watch?

There are a whole wealth of options to choose from if you’re looking for a new timepiece. From ultra contemporary styles to historical classics, the style of watch you go for can totally transform your look.

So, which watch is right for you? Today we’re going to be taking a look at, and comparing, the two classics; pocket watches and wristwatches. 

Key features of the wristwatch

A wristwatch, as you would expect, is quite simply a timepiece that is worn around the wrist. This type of watch is much more common than a pocket watch and has become a modern go-to accessory, often worn day in, day out. The popularity of the wristwatch means there are a huge variety of styles available, from the classic to the ultra-modern. Some wristwatches are available in digital styles or even ‘smart watch’ designs that can make calls and access the internet.

Modern-day wristwatches are extremely versatile – they can make just as much of an impression worn day to day as they can with a formal ensemble. As well as this, many people opt for a wristwatch due to the ease of use it offers: the timepiece is always on your wrist, making it quickly and easily accessible for telling the time.


Key features of the pocket watch

The pocket watch is often seen as much of a formal accessory than the wristwatch. Pocket watches are handheld timepieces; they are kept in a pocket, attached to a chain and worn through a jacket or vest lapel. Due to their more formal feel, most pocket watch owners choose not to wear them every day, saving them for special occasions such as weddings, events and parties.

Pocket watches bring with them a historic touch. They are more than just a simple fashion accessory – often, they are heritage pieces, passed down through families for generations. Because of this, a pocket watch will often hold personal, sentimental value for the owner, with many displaying their timepiece in a pocket watch display case in the home when not in use.

While not as handy as the wristwatch, a pocket watch is more than just a timepiece. It brings a certain class and distinguished feel to any outfit.


Should I buy a pocket watch or a wristwatch?

As you can see, the type of watch you opt for totally depends on your personal tastes, as well as what you’re wanting your timepiece for. Generally…

You should buy a wristwatch if:

  • You are looking for ease of use – you want to be able to quickly and easily tell the time.
  • You want a timepiece you can wear every day, with any outfit.
  • You are looking for a more casual style.
  • You want a timepiece with additional, technical features such as wifi, pulse monitors and GPS.


You should buy a pocket watch if:

  • You are attending a special event such as a wedding, work event or party and want to make an impression with your formal ensemble.
  • You want something historic, unique and different to the masses.
  • You want an investment, collector piece that can stay with your family for years to come.
  • You want to bring a classy, distinguished finish to your look.


If you’re thinking about treating yourself to a new pocket watch, be sure to explore the full Pocket Watch collection. From classic gold pocket watches through to modern black pocket watch designs, you’re sure to discover the perfect option for you.

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