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£59.40RRP £66.00
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Of all the various styles and designs, it is perhaps the skeleton pocket watch that is the most unique and attractive of all. Skeleton pocket watches allow the owner to view all of the inner working and mechanics of the watch itself. If you look at some of the examples on our products, you will see just how attractive they can be and it's nice to see the craftsmanship involved in such a product, which is why they are our best sellers.

There are a number of different examples available such as the skeleton pocket watch with chain, sterling silver skeleton pocket watch as well as the skeleton mechanical pocket watch. Various top brands are also represented including Greenwich and Mount Royal. For more details about the wind up skeleton pocket watch or any of the other models stocked at please contact us by telephone on 024 7650 1002 or you can email us if you prefer.

If you are purchasing a pocket watch as a gift for someone, why not consider making it even more personal by having it engraved. Check our engraving service for more information. A skeletal pocket watch means that you can view the intricate workings of the watch either through the front or the back of the dial, this truly shows the beauty of pocket watches and the workmanship.

Free uk delivery

All orders are despatched via the Royal Mail, we may require a signature upon delivery. We aim to dispatch orders within 24 working hours.


Free bespoke engraving

Why not add an engraving to your pocket watch to make a gift or occasion extra special, guaranteed to be cherished by the recipient for years to come.


Multiple Chain Styles

We offer a range of chains with selected brands to compliment your pocket watch. You can easily add a chain when adding a watch to your basket.

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