Quartz Pocket Watches

Whether you’re looking for an engraved pocket watch as a gift for someone special or a timepiece to create the finishing touch to a special occasion ensemble, look no further than the quartz pocket watch collection. A quartz pocket watch is powered by an internal battery, meaning you benefit from extreme accuracy without the need to wind your watch. Once you’ve discovered the perfect quartz pocket watch for you, why not complete the look with an Albert pocket watch chain? Or, to keep your watch safe when not in use, opt for a stylish pocket watch stand.
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With two types of pocket watch movements available, choosing the right type to suit your needs is important. Whether you’re a collector or just love the intricate details on a pocket watch, you’re likely to have a prefered type of movement. Those watches that feature a quartz movement rely on a battery to power their mechanism; with quartz pocket watches being typically better suited to those who will be using the watch daily or on a regular basis, as it won’t require to be wound each day.

Quartz Powered

Quartz pocket watches use the same type of batteries as regular wrist watches and tend to last around 2 years before needing to replace the battery. The inner working of the pocket watch, such as the cogs and springs, cannot typically viewed in a quartz pocket watch due to extra materials being needed to house the battery. Therefore, if you’re wanting to enjoy the intricate internals, you’ll be better off choosing those with a traditional mechanical movement and skeleton dial. However, the main case types are still available for those pocket watches powered by a quartz movement, including open face, full hunter and double hunter.

High Accuracy

Quartz movement pocket watches tend to be more accurate than their mechanical counterparts, mainly due to their constant running and ability to function without being wound every day. Despite this, they still display the time in the traditional way with a dial opposed to a digital display. Due to the complexity of the traditional mechanical movement, quartz watches tend to be less expensive - although there are exceptions. Take a look at our ‘choosing the movement’ page for more information on both quartz and mechanical movements.