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Add an instantly sophisticated element to any look with the collection of nurses fob watches at Pocket Watch. Fob watches are an ideal choice for those working in the medical profession. As regular wristwatches can harbour bacteria, a fob watch offers a hygienic alternative: simply attach to your breast pocket to quickly and easily check the time on the job. Across our current collection, you can explore a variety of fob watch styles ideal for making an impression in the workplace or as a piece of jewellery. Explore silver nurses fob watches for a sleek finish, or choose a gold nurses fob watch for a classic style.
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The fob watch is the classic timepiece of medical professionals, but there are countless other professions where this particular type of watch will be extremely useful as they allow for quick, hands-free time check. Nurse fob watches are amongst the most popular variation of fob watches and are considered synonymous with nursing due to their compatibility with nurse uniforms - which allow for the fob to be attached to the breast pockets for ease of access. Not only that, they also help reduce the risk of infection as wrist watches can harbour harmful bacteria.

As with all fob watches, nurse fob watches are designed to hang upside down from the attachment on the breast pocket of a uniform. This makes the time easily readable from the wearer's point of view - much easier than reading the time from a wristwatch in most situations.

Selection of Styles

Whilst fob watches are predominantly worn by those in the medical profession, they can also be worn as a fashionable piece of jewellery. This is why we offer a collection of silicone and plastic nurse fob watches that are particularly suited to the medical arena, as well as those finished in gold and silver to complement your outfit. Silicone fob watches are particularly beneficial for nurses as they can be cleaned and disinfected safely for use in hygiene-sensitive environments.

Our range of nurse fob watches are collated from some of the industry’s most famous brands; with collections from the likes of Mount Royal, Sekonda and Royal London.