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Chronograph Pocket Watches

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Chronograph Pocket Watches

A stopwatch of course is not a pocket watch in the most traditional sense but it is still a timepiece (usually hand held) that is often kept in a pocket or perhaps around the neck on a chain or string. Most commonly used in the sporting arena, especially for timing laps, sprints and other disciplines around the running track.

Many watches have a stopwatch feature built in but there are still plenty of specialised models on the market including digital stopwatches, analogue stopwatches and mechanical stopwatches. The main purpose of this kind of timer is to measure an amount of time from the moment of activation to the moment of deactivation. The digital versions are unsurprisingly the most common in this modern age and are largely considered to be more accurate than the mechanical stopwatch, which is powered by a spring and needs to be wound up. Modern stop watches often have many extra functions other than just the timer feature and are available in a range of different styles and colours.

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