We Ask: Are Pocket Watches in Style?

How Pocket Watches are Winding Up in Popular Culture

In the world of fashion, current clothing trends are often cyclical, taking inspiration from and mirroring the styles and garments of bygone eras. Every era generally comes full circle, but every now and again, an element of pop culture can surface and upset the balance. 

Peaky Blinders is one such element, and their influence on men’s fashion, in particular, is undeniable. Whether that’s bespoke three-piece suits, stylish flat caps or antique accessories, there has been a boom in Peaky Blinders-inspired fashion.

Nowhere has felt the impact of this more than Birmingham, the home of the Peaky Blinders and the beating heart of this television-inspired time warp back to the 1920’s wardrobe. Of course, it’s pocket watches in particular that have piqued our interest, so just how much has ‘The Peaky Blinder Effect’ been felt in the market of men’s pocket watches? 

Pocket Watch Shortages 

As reported by the Birmingham Mail, the demand for men’s pocket watches has actually resulted in a shortage among Brummy jewellers. The cult drama has led to fashion-conscious men flocking to Birmingham, clamouring after antique timepieces similar to those seen in the hit series. 

Whether that’s pocket watches with chains, vintage pocket watches, second-hand pocket watches or hand made pocket watches, frenzied shoppers are increasing pocket watch sales all over the city. 

Always at the cutting-edge of fashion and accessories, we here at Pocket Watch foresaw the furore surrounding the men’s pocket watches as a result of the series, covering a number of timepieces in our Peaker Blinders Guide to The Pocket Watch.

Peaky Blinders Pocket Watches

Protagonist Tommy Shelby (played impeccably by Cillian Murphy) can often be seen sporting an array of eye-catching timepieces from his finely tailored waistcoat, he tends to favour gold pocket watches with a heavy pocket watch chain and attention to detail as meticulous as his criminal masterplans. 

Those seeking a pocket watch worthy of Shelby’s three-piece can’t go far wrong with something from Greenwich. Pocket watches such as ‘The Bridewell’ (pictured below) won’t fail to turn heads, the perfect status symbol for any self-asserting gang leader. 

This stunning gold plated Mechanical Double Half Hunter pocket watch allows the time to be read without opening the case, however, if you do, the gold front and back opening reveal the pocket watch’s incredible internal mechanisms and awe-inspiring, eye-catching design. 

So what about older brother Arthur Shelby, the Peaker Blinders notoriously violent second-in-command? Given that pocket watches were a status symbol way back when, and with Arther being beneath Tommy in the gang’s hierarchy, Arthur often chooses to go with something a little more understated yet effortlessly stylish. 

He favours the heavy gold chain design just like his younger sibling, however, a cleaner, no-nonsense timepiece such as the 17 Jewel Open Face Mechanical Gold Plated Pocket Watch from Rapport suits Arthur’s personality down to a tee. 

Pocket Watches in the Festival Spirit

Pocket watches have been getting plenty of press of late, and thanks again to Peaky Blinders, the television screen isn’t the only place they’re cropping up in the popular culture. 

The Legitimate Peaky Blinders Festival 2019 took place on the streets of Birmingham during September, and as you looked out across the industrial area of Digbeth, you’d swear you had been transported back 100 years to the time when the notorious Brummy gang were at large. 

Push through the packed crowd and you’d notice plenty of pocket watches in all shapes and sizes, nestled inside the neat three-piece suits of the series’ fanatical fanbase. 

During a star-studded day which saw cast members such as Cillian Murphy and Paul Anderson mix with rock and roll royalty including Liam Gallagher and Bobby Gillespie, the popularity and buzz surrounding the Birmingham-based festival goes to show how fashion trends come full circle and that the timeless pocket watch is here to stay.

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