Gifts For The Wedding Party

A wedding is a momentous event in one’s life that will be an undoubtedly emotionally charged day. With close friends and family surrounding and supporting them, the newlyweds will often look to share tokens of their appreciation. This is where gifts for the wedding party can play an important role in showing your love and thanks to those who have helped create such a special day!

At Pocket Watch, we’ve put together a guide of suggestions for gift ideas for groomsmen and other important people, such as the father of the bride and mother of the bride. Read ahead for our favourite Pocket Watch gift ideas for groomsmen and parents of the happy couple.


Choose The Perfect Groomsmen Gift

If you’re looking for original groomsmen gift ideas, you’ll need to consider who you are buying for in order to buy them something they will love. You can either buy different groomsmen gifts to suit each personality, or ensure that you’re able to buy the same item that they’ll all be able to cherish.

For the best man, ushers and father of the bride, why not treat them to a stylish pocket watch? Every man will enjoy the traditional appearance of such a classic timepiece and we have an array of pocket watch designs to choose from to differentiate between the best man and ushers if preferred. There are many different designs to choose from, but they all exude utmost class, and can be worn straight away with their wedding suits if you choose to give your groomsmen gifts before the nuptials.  


Say Thank You From The Heart

Our range of wedding pocket watches which would be ideal wedding gifts for groomsmen are ready to be engraved, allowing you to give a more personal present that can be treasured for a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for gifts for junior groomsmen or your best friends, consider engraving a personalised message to make the groomsmen presents even more special with a unique meaning. You never know, a pocket watch from you could end up becoming a family heirloom in the future!


Engraved Pocket Watches

We are delighted to be able to offer customers the chance to personalise groomsmen gifts with our engraving service. If you’re wondering about what message to engrave on your chosen pocket watch, contemplate adding their name, date of the wedding and the role that they played as the perfect memento of the occasion. Alternatively, opt for nicknames and humour, or a sentimental message of thanks and appreciation depending on your relationship with them. We also have pre-engraved options available which are lovely for those looking for simple but meaningful groomsmen gifts to give.

Practical and stylish, a pocket watch is a ‘timeless’ gift idea for groomsmen. With an engraved pocket watch, you can treat your best man, ushers and fathers of the bride and groom to something that holds a true symbol of appreciation and love. Choose from stunning gold or polished chrome finishes with various details to find the right pocket watches for your loved ones.


Here at Pocket Watch we stock a great selection of different groomsmen gifts and we hope that this post provides inspiration for your choice of original groomsmen gift ideas. Browse the complete range of pocket watches and pendant watches in various styles and finishes today.