Groom & Groomsmen Wedding Trends 2019

2019 wedding season has begun – but there’s still plenty of time to perfect your wedding look!

If you’re wondering what’s hot and what’s not in groom and groomsmen styling, you’ve come to the right place. From the suit colour to wear to the groomsmen gifts to buy, here at Pocket Watch we’re detailing everything you need to know before the big day arrives.


Opt for a three piece suit

Formal style is stepping up a notch in 2019 – sophisticated, sharp wedding suits will be all the rage. In terms of suit shades, vibrant, bold colours are hugely fashionable this year, with blues and purples taking centre stage. Tweed remains a top choice for outdoor summer weddings, however, is given a fashionable twist with a bold coloured tie or pocket square.


Keep the fit slim

When it comes to the fit of your suit, keep it sleek and tailored. Pants should be slim fitting or straight legged, and jackets should fit well without being too tight – something that fits comfortably around the arms and shoulders without hanging loose is ideal.


Ensure your hair is groomed to perfection

Your wedding day is arguably the biggest day of your life, so definitely do not leave your hair to chance. Get yourself to the hairdresser and ensure your locks are as prepared as you are.

We wouldn’t recommend going for a totally new or wild cut and style – you don’t want to be unrecognisable in your wedding pictures! Instead, opt for a classic cut that won’t age badly. Some top classic men’s wedding hairstyles for 2019 include the undercut quiff, the textured man bob and the side part.

Beards too should be well groomed before the big day. Ensure yours is washed, combed, trimmed and oiled to keep it looking its best.


Buy a gift for your groomsmen

While many wedding trends come in and out of style, buying a gift for your groomsmen and best man is a wedding etiquette staple that we believe should always be followed. They’ve supported you through the biggest day of your life, so a token of appreciation is a great way to pay them back and say thank you.

What do you buy groomsmen?

A personalised gift goes a long way – it is thoughtful and specific to them, really showing how much you care. Common personalised groomsmen gifts include cufflinks, whiskey glass sets, hipflasks or (our obvious favourite!), a pocket watch.

A pocket watch is the ultimate in thoughtful keepsakes. It is sophisticated and ever-stylish, guaranteed to bring joy for years to come. There are also a huge variety of pocket watch styles to choose from: from silver and gold pocket watches for the classic gents to rose gold for the fashion aficionado and black for the modern man, you’re sure to find the perfect option to suit your individual groomsmen.

If you’re considering gifting them an engraved pocket watch, be sure to explore our extensive collection of back engravable pocket watches.


What do you engrave on groomsmen gifts?

Once you’ve settled on your personalised groomsmen gift, you need to decide what to get engraved.

If you’re short of space on your gift, engraved names or initials are a classic – theirs, not yours! We would actually recommend leaving off mention of yourself, as the gift is a token for them and a thank you for their friendship.

If you have a little more space, you may wish to opt for a meaningful quote or an in-joke – but nothing too risque! Keep it classic and timeless; after all, this is a gift you want them to appreciate for years to come.


If you’re looking for the perfect pocket watch for your wedding, whether to complete your look or as a gift for the best man and groomsmen, we’ve got you covered. Across the Pocket Watch collection, you can explore a variety of exquisite styles, including open face pocket watches, half double hunter pocket watches and full hunter pocket watches.